2016 Conference

The "Our Children, Climate, Faith Symposium" and "Vermont Interfaith Power and Light" join to bring you:

Deep Change for Climate Justice: Coalescing a Transformational Movement

At he Briggs Opera House, the Coolidge Hotel, and throughout the Downtown of White River Junction, VT

October 15th at 9:00 am - October 16th at 3:00 pm

Deep Change for Climate Justice will be dedicated to creative dialogue, learning the story of this movement within New Hampshire and Vermont, and understanding our role in this story, moving towards networking, coalescing and action. Guest speakers and facilitators will include Fred Small, Sherri Mitchell and others.

In a 1946 telegram, Albert Einstein wrote “[ . . . ] a new type of thinking is essential if [human] kind is to survive and move toward higher levels.”  Seventy years later, an emerging group of community leaders not only agree, but they further believe that the needed ‘new type of thinking’ will emerge only through the inner work of raising consciousness and belonging to a caring community. Their insights and efforts are now surfacing with a breadth and frequency suggestive of a budding social movement. The defining feature of this movement is the understanding of changing our stories and inner transformation as foundational to our transition to a just and sustainable culture.

The discussion will focus on the need and means of raising consciousness at the individual, group and community levels and how the spaces between these levels can be bridged to form a thread that unites personal and societal transformation.

Program Structure  As each of the two days of the program will be a complete experience unto itself, the Symposium will be appropriate both for those who can only attend one or the other day and for those who can make it to both. The program will be loosely structured around five, facilitated breakout groups corresponding to five communities advancing the transformational movement.  These are the new economy sector, Native American/Indigenous Cultures, the nonprofit sector, the faith and practice sector, and grassroots activism and initiatives. Group discussion will be oriented around questions such as:

  • How is a consciousness-based approach to climate justice present within each group? What expression and language is being used? What is needed for this to develop further?

  • What is the particular contribution that each group can bring to the larger movement?

  • How do we form emotionally safe communities that are able to support inner transformation?

Day two will convene the five sectors for report-backs from each of the groups and broader discussion about opportunities for inter-sector connection and collaboration. Throughout the symposium, we will hear from guest speakers invited to help us accomplish our goals, expand our thinking and share their stories of working to advance a way of life that is kind to the Earth and its inhabitants.


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