Speakers’ Bios and Problem/Solution Statements

Pat Holborn Alexander is an early learning educator who has worked with Indigenous communities on remote reserves and in urban environments in British Columbia and Greenland. She has witnessed the degradation of the earth through mining, forestry and hydroelectric mega-projects, and has experienced their devastating consequences for people already dislocated by the loss of traditional lands and lifestyles. She is humbled and inspired by the innate spirituality and ways of knowing that have survived in spite of the prohibition of cultural practices, imposition of residential schooling, and ongoing marginalization and poverty. Pat is involved in several collaborative projects that draw on the wisdom and strengths of Indigenous communities to advocate for changes in public education. (continue reading)

Jan Booher is a Board Member of The Unitarian Universalist Fellowship of Boca Raton (UUFBR), where she chairs the Climate Change Working Group.Last year, this group formed www.SFLClimateActionPartners.org to promote citizen support for the Southeast Florida Regional Climate Action Plan (RCAP). This website has an online petition in support of the RCAP, as well as videos of members of the Southeast Florida Climate Compact speaking about the plan at the Partnering Workshop hosted at UUFBR last March. This group has done grassroots outreach about the RCAP at community events, and is currently reworking outreach materials based on lessons learned. Jan is currently working on Florida Earth Festival 2014, a festival to take place during the week of Earth Day 2014 to celebrate and to promote the current exciting policies, products, and services that are moving us toward climate resiliency. (continue reading)

Michael Greenman is a member of Unitarian Universalists for a Just Economic Community (Congregational Representative) at the First Unitarian Universalist Church of Columbus. He is a Lead-Coordinator, Move to Amend (Central Ohio).

Communities of Faith Coming Together to “Right the Wrongs” that Violate our Beliefs, Values, Principles, and Doctrines Every Day.  (continue reading)

Bruce Knotts was born and raised in California.  He got his Bachelor’s Degree in History from Pepperdine University and his Master’s Degree in International Education from the Monterey Institute of International Studies; both in California.  Bruce was a Peace Corps Volunteer in Ethiopia.  He worked for Raytheon in Saudi Arabia (1976-80) and on a World Bank contract in Somalia (1982-4), before he joined the Department of State as a U.S. diplomat in 1984.  Bruce had diplomatic assignments in Greece, Zambia, India, Pakistan, Kenya, Sudan, Cote d’Ivoire and The Gambia, where he was Deputy Chief of Mission.  While in Cote d’Ivoire, Bruce served as the Regional Refugee Coordinator for West Africa covering 16 African nations from Mauritania to Nigeria, but focusing on the refugees from the conflicts in Sierra Leone, Liberia and later in Cote d’Ivoire itself.  This was the assignment where Bruce had his most sustained contact with the UN system. (continue reading)

Gregory Wilson is a Fellow with the American Association of Pastoral Counselors, has had a counseling practice for 25 years, and has been minister for the past 10 years at the Unitarian Universalist Church of Brevard in Melbourne, Florida. In recent years Dr. Wilson’s attention has moved from the therapy office to focusing on the social justice and environmental issues of our current age. His present work is in understanding the relationships among our environmental crisis and the Rights of Nature, Corporate person-hood, and Recovery from the Globalization of Addiction. “We cannot recover, heal or change our direction within the structures that brought us to this crisis. We need to look outside the existing economic, social, and political structures to heal and set a different course.”  (continue reading)

Jeff Wolfe: Fundamentally, Jeff works to disrupt and transform our world as required to solve the climate crisis.

Jeff co-created and chaired the Steering Committee for the inaugural Our Children, Climate, Faith Symposium in Strafford, VT, in August 2013. This ground-breaking symposium has brought new national attention to the connection between these issues and people of faith. He continues to work to activate the visions created.

Jeff has been active in energy and climate work since 1973, (during the first oil embargo), when he built his first solar collector. Since then.... (continue reading)

Aaron Hoopes is a native of Vermont and the founder of the Art of Zen Yoga. He has studied the martial arts, Eastern philosophy, ancient history and alternative medicine in the United States, Australia, and Japan for over twenty-eight years. He has a degree in Asian History and Japanese Culture from Tulane University and spent a number of years in Japan studying under the chief instructor at the headquarters of the Japan Karate Association. He holds a third degree black belt in Japanese Shotokan Karate and is a certified instructor and one of the Hoitsugan Instructors. He is also certified as an instructor of Shanti Yoga and Meditation as well as Tamashii Tai Chi. He has trained for many years in Qigong Energy Healing and studied Zen Shiatsu in Japan. In addition, he has extensive knowledge of Hatha and Iyengar Yoga, White Crane Qigong, Tong Long Kung-Fu (Praying Mantis style), Southern Fist Kung-Fu, XingYiQuan, Wing Chun Kung-Fu, Okinawan Karate, Shorinji Kenpo, and Zen Meditation. He maintains a deep respect for and connection with the Earth.  (continue reading)