Jan Booher

Jan Booher is a Board Member of The Unitarian Universalist Fellowship of Boca Raton (UUFBR), where she chairs the Climate Change Working Group. Last year, this group formed www.SFLClimateActionPartners.org to promote citizen support for the Southeast Florida Regional Climate Action Plan (RCAP). This website has an online petition in support of the RCAP, as well as videos of members of the Southeast Florida Climate Compact speaking about the plan at the Partnering Workshop hosted at UUFBR last March. This group has done grassroots outreach about the RCAP at community events, and is currently reworking outreach materials based on lessons learned. Jan is currently working on Florida Earth Festival 2014, a festival to take place during the week of Earth Day 2014 to celebrate and to promote the current exciting policies, products, and services that are moving us toward climate resiliency.

Problem statement:  I believe that the world is suffering from profound disconnection on many levels. The lack of meaningful connections between people, and the lack of connection to Earth that is exacerbated by increased urbanization, have combined to separate us from the strengths that can heal us. The need to provide for our sustenance in a global society that is suffering from economic woes, has led many people to separate their life's activities from their true life purpose, or calling. This is a separation from the Spirit of Life that sustains us. The road back is paved by simple acts that connect us to each other and to Earth.


Love life… it’s far more fragile than we think.

Breathe! Hold each other. All efforts to heal ourselves, and all efforts to heal the world, are one and the same. We must reach inward to connect with our life's purpose, and when we are thereby connected to the healing life force, we have the strength and the hope to work outward to create connections between people, among the peoples of the world, and between people and Earth. We must learn to listen to ourselves, to each other, and to Earth. Earth is screaming her pain in the language of climate disruption. We must hear her, and work together to heal her. To do so is to create a path to healing ourselves.

This year my efforts have been focused on building an advocacy network of both UU and other groups in Southeast Florida, that is cooperating to support the local, state, and federal agendas articulated by the Southeast Florida Regional Climate Change Compact. I’m cooperating with others to organize actions and community outreach efforts that help residents of Southeast Florida make the connection between climate change and the increased flooding, beach erosion, and saltwater intrusion into our water supply. I’m also working with others to create Florida Earth Festival 2014: a celebration of the people, products, policies, and services that are moving us toward sustainability. The absence of love is fear. My hope is that by reaching out in love, and sharing a fun and exciting view of a sustainable world that includes arts that inspire, delicious food, and exciting technology; people will move out of fear and embrace love of Earth. We must see what we might become, so we may chart a course.