Leah Booher

MY STORY.  I became an activist  for the issue of climate change/sea level rise two years ago through a project known as the S.L.A.P. Pole. This project focused on local awareness of sea level rise, and the main reason I became interested was to improve my lack of ability to speak in public at the time. I then became an advocate for the Regional Climate Action Plan, a local piece of legislation, drafted to reform our awful ways. Since then, I have spoken on several panels, events, and climate change forums. The Regional Climate Action Plan and S.L.A.P. Pole are both projects that stress the impacts of human error upon the Earth. My work with our local administrations have reformed my view on the ENDLESS hoops of bureaucracy that keep us stuck

My main reason for involvement is necessity, locally with sea level rise and nationally with reforming how we view the Earth and our place on it. I have joined the iMatter Youth Council to join a cohesive group of activists like myself who want to help heal the Earth by ceasing our constant abuse

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